2020 trends

Velvet is making a comeback! For a few months we have seen it everywhere, sofa, cushions, poufs, armchairs but also on our clothes, it is velvet which has made its entrance! It will bring comfort, elegance and softness to your interior and goes well with all styles of decoration!

What is velvet? Silk, cotton or wool, natural or synthetic fibers there is something for everyone! It is a solid fabric that is particularly suitable for furniture. The velvet is made thanks to a weft of fabric in which will integrate threads which stand out on the right side of the fabric. These threads can be cut to form ribs or appear in the form of loops.

Where does velvet come from? Velvet was invented in the region of Kashmir, India where it was called "swan down". It spread first in Persia, then in Europe from the 14th century, especially in the Italian cities of Genoa, Milan, Venice and Florence where its factories became world famous. At the time, it was a fabric considered to be particularly luxurious thanks to its softness and its very long weaving time which symbolized power and wealth.
Velvet democratized in the 19th century thanks to the workers who adopted corduroy pants.
To be in trend this season, go for a piece of velvet!

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